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Blue Frontier
Dr. Daniel Betts, CEO
Daniel Betts has over 20 years experience working with highly innovative technology companies. Dr. Betts was President of EnerFuel, Inc. (subsidiary of Ener1) and Founder, CEO, & CTO of Be Power Tech, a company which developed liquid desiccant air conditioners powered by fuel cell waste heat. Dr. Betts has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA; both from the University of Florida.
Dr. Matt Tilghman, CTO
Matt Tilghman is an experienced engineer and scientist in the field of advanced air conditioning systems and liquid desiccants. Dr. Tilghman began working in the field of liquid desiccants at Advantix Systems, where he was the lead experimentalist and thermodynamic expert for new product development. He then worked for Be Power Tech as Principal System Engineer. Matt earned his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University and his PhD from Stanford University.
Matt Graham, VP of Engineering
Matt Graham is an accomplished mechanical engineer and Engineering Manager, who brings significant manufacturing experience to the team. Mr. Graham has developed products and prototypes for the energy technology sector since 1993. Mr. Graham was the Head of Engineering for Be Power Tech and for EnerFuel, Inc.
Greg Tropsa, EVP of Business Development
Greg Tropsa brings more than 25 years of start-up experience, having founded three successful distributed energy resource companies. Examples include Ice Energy (creator of the Ice-Bear, a thermal storage system for packaged air conditioning systems, which pioneered behind-the-meter aggregated storage contracts with utilities) and Peak Efficiency (awardee of the first and largest energy efficiency local capacity contract in California, 72 MW). Greg is an expert in the nuances of utility legislative, regulatory, emerging growth, and non-wires alternative programs, as well as the process of commercializing, selling, and delivering energy efficiency and peak demand reducing solutions.
Technical Advisory Board
Eric Kozubal, NREL
Eric Kozubal is a mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience modeling and experimenting on advanced HVAC technologies, most of which have been on liquid desiccants. Eric is the co-inventor of evaporative liquid desiccant air conditioning (ELD-AC) which won a 2012 R&D 100 award. Mr. Kozubal is the lead researcher on HVAC experimental characterization at NREL.
Dr. Jason Woods, NREL
Jason Woods is a mechanical engineer with 10 years of experience in modeling and experimental characterization for thermal and HVAC systems, including expertise in heat transfer, membrane processes for HVAC, and design and characterization of air/liquid and liquid/liquid interfaces. Dr. Woods was also a co-inventor of ELD-AC. He obtained his PhD from University of Colorado.
Dr. Andrew Lowenstein, AIL Research
Andrew Lowenstein is the founder and CEO of AIL Research, an industry leader in liquid desiccant technologies. Dr. Lowenstein has extensive experience in inventing, researching, and developing liquid desiccant air conditioning. Examples include wicking-fin regenerators, low-flow zero-carryover liquid desiccant conditioners, diffusion-gap regenerators, and many more.
Dr. Moonis Raza Ally, ORNL
Dr. Ally is a senior research staff member at ORNL with 30 years of R&D and project management experience. His research experience includes energy conservation technologies, adsorption and absorption processes, thermodynamics, ground source heat pumps, and chemical separations. Awards include Inventor of the Year (2000) and R&D 100 (2013).

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